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Janice Lucas B.A.Hons
'Flair For Life'
A Counselling and Psychotherapy Service for North Devon (Barnstaple and Bideford)

The Summer House depicted offers a functional yet unique counselling room overlooking spectacular views of Devon countryside. This octagonal shaped building has been lovingly restored and provides a venue where clients will experience a peaceful, private and safe haven, facilitating the key ingredients necessary for counselling and psychotherapy.

My counselling service is called 'Flair for Life' and I strive to deliver skilled professional help for those who seek support through counselling or psychotherapy set in lovely area which is close to Barnstaple and Bideford. My training and experience is an ever growing and rich resource providing a treasure trove of possibilities, choices and tools for me to draw from when working with clients whether they require short term counselling or longer term psychotherapy.

Every new client is offered an appointment with in 2 weeks of their enquiry or sooner. I adapt my work times to enable clients to fit their counselling around their busy work and family commitments. Many clients travel quite substantial distances from around Devon and Cornwall, which is another reason why flexibility is important.

In addition to counselling some people seek to engage in personal development. The experience facilitates change. Beneficial, profound and lasting changes have evolved and continue to evolve in my life as a result of my personal investment in similar and on going work. It is the reason why I am a strong advocate of personal development. The message, meaning and result of my journey are carried in the words 'Flair for Life'.

Clients arrive for a variety of reasons

Some people might be seeking the support of a professional counsellor or psychotherapist during transitional stages in their lives, such as divorce or bereavement. Short term counselling can be helpful in these situations.

Others seek to transform their lives by exploring life long difficulties with the aid of professional help in a safe environment. Long term psychotherapy for up to 2 years, can bring about positive change for many. I offer counselling for adults who struggle with childhood issues including sexual abuse.


My practice is in the North Devon village of Abbotsham, which is very close to Bideford in Devon. Abbotsham is a quiet and peaceful backwater yet within easy reach of Bideford, Northam, Westward Ho! Barnstaple, Great Torrington, Bude and Illfracombe. Close to major towns and the A39, means easy access and free parking, ensure clients can embrace a stress free environment from the minute they arrive for counselling.

I am a member of the B.A.C.P.

It is essential for every counsellor to be in supervision as a requirement of the B.A.C.P. I believe that good practise not only ensures the safety of both counsellor and client throughout the therapy but it also means, that a positive outcome, through the process of counselling, will be amplified to the fullest potential.

Healing the Heart

A heart takes time to mend
But nothing is ever lost
Pieces are saved by a friend
Who never counts the cost

Take these gifts of love
Reclaim them as your own
Saved in heaven above
They were only out on loan

Repairing what was broken
This work is for your soul
Once again awoken
A Being complete, and whole.

Janice Lucas

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